Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rangers posts around the web.

In 1998 Pacific had the idea of mixing cards and the Internet. The result was the Online set, demonstrated here by card number 743. Like most Pacific ideas, this one was not real well done. The set was huge and confusing. Not everyone had the Internet yet. Trying to look up your favorite players on a dial-up connection took days. Literally.

Fast forward to today. Pacific is defunct but their idea isn't. Seems like a new card blog pops up every few days to join the hundreds already out there. Like a lot of folks, I read several blogs regularly and a lot from time to time. A normal way for me to get drawn into a blog is through a Rangers-oriented post. With that in mind here are a few from recently.

Night Owl continues to plug away at the 1975 Topps set. His write-ups are always fun to read. The most recent Rangers card is Jeff Burroughs.

Carl Crawford cards takes a lighter look at John Ellis' 1978 Topps card. At least there's no stale smell about this one.

Goose Joak always has some great custom cards he makes up. His recent return to an earlier design is no different. Great way to get a look at a possible ace and new player in their Rangers threads.

Do you know that some Nolan Ryan collectors out there have actually worked for the man? I didn't either until I read Bo's recent post at Baseball Cards Come to Life. May have to see if I have any extra cards of Nollie.

Sully says that the Rangers shouldn't trade Michael Young. I agree Sully, welcome aboard. Sully usually writes and commentates well in spite of living in California and being a Red Sox fan.

While not card related, T.R, Sullivan's blog is some good Rangers reading. Watch for the Latin quotes and cultural and historical references. Don't worry, Toby won't bite.

Well, that's the links I can come up with for recent Rangers posts. Let me know in the comments section if I missed any. If you happen to stop by and leave a comment for any of these guys feel free to let them know that Spiff sent ya.

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