Friday, September 27, 2013

Picture imperfect.

If I was Jurickson Profar I would be pretty irritated. After all, your team's playing do-or-die every day and does their dead level best to lose last night's game to the Traveling Angels. Up comes Profar to lead off the bottom of the ninth inning with the score tied. He hammers a walk-off home run on the third pitch he saw. That's great. What's irritating is that Blogger won't allow me to add a scan to this post. That means Profar misses out on his card being featured. That would be enough to irritate me if I were him.

Also getting the raw end of the Blogger deal is Night Owl. The card I was going to feature came out of a package of Rangers I received from him a couple of days ago. No picture means you can't admire Owl's generosity. Of course that's off set by the fact that he's helped out a lot of folks so chances are you've already seen the results of his awesome mailings.

So anyway, thanks Jurickson for the win. Thanks Night Owl for the cards. Hopefully I'll be able to thank Blogger in the near future for fixing the picture upload problem.

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