Monday, July 28, 2014

Minor League Monday - Luke Sable, 1990 Charlotte Rangers Star.

Luke Sable appears on a badly mis-cut version of card #25 in the 1990 Star Charlotte Rangers team set. Looks like Sable and several of the other players were photographed the same day during infield drills.

A 28th round draft pick for Texas in 1987, Sable finally made it to Charlotte in 1989. He stayed with the team in 1990 after they moved up from A ball to A+ ball.

Luke made 231 plate appearances for Charlotte over 67 games in 1990. He posted a .267 batting average and a .339 on-base percentage. In spite of striking out more than he walked, Sable was not a real power threat. He hit just five doubles and five triples. Luke's first home run as a pro ballplayer had yet to make an appearance.

Sable was pretty versatile in the field. He played at third base, shortstop, and second base during the 1990 season. In eight games at shortstop Luke posted a .914 fielding percentage. In 11 games at second base he did the best, a .979 fielding percentage. In 22 games at third base he managed a .946 fielding percentage.

1990 had not been an end of the line type season for Luke Sable but it wasn't a break through season either. As a 28th round pick, he needed a break through season soon if he was hoping to continue his climb up the minor league ladder to Arlington.

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