Friday, May 20, 2011

Questions, questions...

It's been a long day - over 13 hours at work and then trying to help Mrs. Spiff get ready for a yard sale tomorrow. As such I am going to use this post to ask questions rather than make comments myself. Perhaps one of my well informed readers can clue me in.

Today's card is a Laynce Nix card from the 2004 eTopps set, number 68 in the set. I picked this card up off Ebay awhile back for rather cheap because it interested me. Why it interested me leads to the questions.

On the back of the card it states that this is part of a "limited edition of 1,760." As you can see, there is a stamp on the lower right of the front of the card that says "1 of 1" and "Chicago". That gold foil stamp is on the card itself. The sticker on the upper left was on the team back the card and case were shipped in. In addition, the eTopps seal on the case appears to be untampered with.

All of that leads to the questions. Was this card stamped by Topps before being shipped out of the eTopps program? If so, why? How easy would it be to take the card out, stamp it, and re-affix the seal so that it looked untampered with? Why "Chicago"? Perhaps a card show or convention? Would you consider this to be a promo card, a 1/1, or just interesting junk?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Looking forward to some enlightenment.

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