Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beating the odds.

Charlie Hough makes another appearance. This time on a signed 1983 Fleer card. Charlie's got a grin here because we have a winner in the guess the number of autographs contest.

Totaled up I have the autographs of 154 different Rangers players from the past and present. There were 14 guesses in the contest and I really appreciate all who entered. Johngy guessed 153 to grab the prize. Guess the Bill Stein, Scotty Fletcher, Alan Bannister, Brian Downing, and Joe Lahoud numbers combo worked. I guess if folks can do birthdays on lotto tickets then your method is just as valid.

Congratulations Johngy! If you haven't gotten over to Johngy's Beat you really ought to, it's very interesting reading.


Johngy said...

It's all about numerology. That or I just guessed.

Spiff said...

Either way you won so that's good. Sent you an e-mail about the prize.