Thursday, April 5, 2012

Possible new arrival?

I have a request for anyone who happens to be a Laynce Nix collector or is simply familiar with his autograph.

I sent Laynce this 2005 Topps Turkey Red card in April of 2010 and asked him to sign it. It came back on March 29th of this year. The strange thing was that it came back with a return address label over the top of my address on the SASE that I had sent.

Underneath the address label was written, "Laynce's Grand". When I opened the envelope I found the two cards that I had sent. Both were signed. I also found a small slip of paper with the following typewritten message:

"I put my return address in the event of no delivery I am Laynce's grandmother. Helping him get caught up."

Kind of strange. Makes me wonder if Grandmother is helping Laynce by sealing up the envelopes and running them to the post office or if she is signing the cards for him. That wouldn't be unheard of. I have heard that Don Zimmer's family routinely signs his through the mail autographs. I also remember Pete Rose saying back in the 1980's that he never signed through the mail - he had two old ladies who did it for him.

That leads to my request. Can anybody tell me if this is actually Laynce Nix's autograph? If Grandmother was simply helping out with the logistics that is fine. If she signed it for Laynce then I am pretty sure it won't be going into my collection. Thanks for any feedback you can give.


Wilson said...

Looks like Justin at Justin's world got one back recently too, so that may not help solve the mystery, but it's a data point.

Hackenbush said...

Not sure if the autograpah is good but it's a great story.