Thursday, July 18, 2013

Second half questions.

Saw part of the All-Star game Tuesday and actually thought it wasn't a bad game. At least what I saw. Glad the American League won even though I doubt the Rangers have the horses to take advantage of the win.

Nellie Cruz made it into the game but didn't make any standout plays. Joe Nathan got the save. I don't have a signed card of Joe, in fact I have no Rangers cards of him. You'll have to make do with this signed 1984 Fleer card of former Ranger All-Star Charlie Hough.

Going to be an intriguing second half of the season in Texas. The case of the A's continues. Anyone's guess how that dog fight will come out.

Manny Ramirez continues to be Manny with the Round Rock Express. Nolan Ryan says Manny might be an option but other sources say there are no current plans for a call-up. Not sure I like the idea of Manny in Arlington.

There may be no need for Manny if the players returning from the Disabled List can hit the ground running. Lance Berkman and Jeff Baker could combine to block him. The pitching needs to come back strong as well. Chance the second half rotation looks better than the first half.

Of course a big question will be if Texas is a buyer, seller, or sits out the trade deadline frenzy. There's already rumors of a possible trade for Matt Garza. Not sure what to think of that. If the team was close to a World Series appearance it might be worth it. Not sure how close they are though. Hate to see the future go for a first-round playoff appearance.

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