Saturday, May 17, 2008

1986 Classic - Pete Incaviglia

Inky puts in another appearance on this early Classic card. I kind of like the design on these cards and didn't feel up to writing a lot after working in the yard most of the afternoon. The nice thing about these Classic cards is the trivia questions on the back. Here they are for your enjoyment.
Post your answers if you want to take a shot.

1. (T-F) Stan Musial never led the league in home runs?
2. Who was nicknamed the "Commerce Comet"?
3. What position did Willie McCovey play?
4. Where did the AL Philadelphia team move to in 1955?
5. (T-F) Bluffing a pitch to a batter, then throwing to first base to catch a runner is a balk?


Anonymous said...

1. False
2. No idea
3. First base primarily, also some outfield and DH (I just wrote an article for Baseball Legends on McCovey, that's how I know about the DH part)
4. Kansas City?
5. True

Spiff said...

Can't believe nobody else took a shot at these questions. Here are the answers according to the back of Inky's card.
1. True (I would have missed this one as well.)
2. Mickey Mantle (Never heard him called that.)
3. First base.
4. Kansas City
5. True