Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1989 ProCards - Jose Hernandez

Brandon Bogg's feat earlier this year of going 4-4 upon being called up made me think of Jose Hernandez. Here he is on today's card, number 1018 in the 1989 ProCards set.

Jose appears on this very minor league-looking card two years before making his major league debut for Texas. The orange border, sandlot outfield fence, and mesh cap remind us that Jose has not hit the big time yet.

According to the back of the card there is a reason for the delay. In 1988 Hernandez hit a mere .160 in 162 at bats. He knocked in a lowly 13 RBI and hammered only one homer. Not exactly stats calculated to catch the parent club's eye.

After a partial season with Texas in 1991 the Rangers had seen enough. In spite of going 4-4 in his first four at bats (a mark not matched until Boggs did it this year) Jose managed to match his minor league numbers. He posted a .184 average in 98 at bats with no homers and only four RBI. Texas then put him on waivers and Cleveland snagged him up. Let's hope that Brandon Boggs has a longer career with the Rangers than that.

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