Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, I'm back and posting. The reason I was unable to post was that I was visiting family in Texas for the week. Had a great time seeing both my family and Mrs. Spiff's kin.

Also got to take in two Rangers games while down south. The first was on Friday the 9th. We went with my father-in-law, two sister-in-laws, and the two kiddos (ages three and one). Had a great time and got to see the Rangers in the middle of a hot streak as they downed the A's. The youngsters got a high-five from Captain. The father-in-law got to talk to A's catcher Kurt Suzuki (they are both from Hawaii). The seats were awesome and we all got free t-shirts. Great game.

On the 11th (yes, Mother's day) we went to the game with my brother and his wife, the father-in-law, and one kiddo (three). Got the Mother's Day giveaway caps for the gals and had pretty good seats. Not quite as good as on Friday but good all the same. The weather was cooler and we all had a pretty good time. Spiff Jr. got to run the bases after the game which about put him into orbit. The lone drawback was the final score as the A's took revenge for the first two games of the series and hammered the Rangers. Guess that worked out well though for my brother as he is a huge Oakland fan.

Great trip but good to be back and get back to posting.

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