Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2008 Topps Texas Rangers - Josh Hamilton

Today's card is number TEX2 in the 2008 Topps Texas Rangers team set. I picked this set up on my recent trip to Texas. These sets are not part of the regular Topps set and some of the cards have different photos that the regular set.

This is my first card of Josh in a Rangers uniform. I say this to explain why I am only now posting a card of his in spite of his phenomenal year to this point. I hope that Texas can lock him in to a long-term deal and that there will be many more cards of him in a Rangers uniform.

The back of the card gives a hint of what was to come for Hamilton. "In 2007, Josh became just the third active player (with Carlos Delgado and J.D. Drew) to hit his first five Big League home runs in fewer than 30 at-bats."


Anonymous said...

I'll have to keep an eye out for that one - love the picture on it.

My first Rangers cards of him are on the way - a few singles out of Bowman!

Spiff said...

I liked it. They only sell as team sets though so you'll need to get with someone who can get, and is willing to break, the team set. I think they are distributed regionally.