Saturday, May 24, 2008

He's got mail!

When the family and I went to the Rangers game on Mother's Day, Spiff Jr. got to join the Dr. Pepper Jr. Rangers club.

The membership included a package of cool Rangers stuff for the little guy. He scored a Rangers string bag, a cap, a plastic helmet, a "waller" (called a poster by most of us), and a pair of wristbands. he wasn't real sure about wearing the wristbands until he saw the players warming up and noticed that most were wearing two. He pulled them on and left them on for the rest of the game.

A couple of days ago an envelope arrived addressed to Spiff Jr. with a return address for the Texas Rangers. He was pumped at getting mail (like most three year olds) and was even more excited that it was from the Rangers. It turned out to be the June newsletter posted here. It has all kinds of cool information on David Murphy and some activities. I'd give specifics but somebody had to have their mail back as soon as I got it scanned in.

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