Monday, May 19, 2008

1991 Score - Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan on Monday again after a week off. Today's card is Pudge's 1991 Score card, number 82T in the Score Traded set.

Due to his mid-season call-up in 1991 most of the big companies issued their first cards of Pudge as part of their traded or update sets.

From the back of the card we learn that, when he was called up, Ivan was the youngest everyday player in the bigs since Robin Yount in 1974. It also reminds us that he skipped AAA ball and was called up directly from the Tulsa farm club.

The interesting thing that I didn't know was that his throws to second base had been timed at 1.9 seconds and clocked at 85 MPH. No wonder he gunned down 6 of the first 13 who tried to steal on him.

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