Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today's card is #C8 in the 2005 Donruss Craftsmen set. It features Hank Blalock and is numbered 0230/2000. It is a much nicer looking card in person than it shows in the scan but the mirror backing didn't scan well.

Probably everyone now knows about Hank Blalock's move from third base to first base. Lots of pundits and common fans have weighed in on the wisdom of the move. For his part Hank is working out at first in extended Spring Training and is expected to take over the slot with Texas when he returns from the disabled list.

Only time will tell if the move will work out for Hank and the Rangers. Some like the fact that Hank offered to move and some feel that the team should have told him no because it sends the message that the players are running the team.

I admire Hank's willingness to make the move and hope it works out for him and the team. Perhaps it will help to keep him off the DL and in the lineup.

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