Friday, January 22, 2010

A little remodeling.

So, Night Owl asked if there were any players that were (or are) difficult to root for even if they were (or are) on your favorite team. The first name that popped into my head was Ruben Sierra. Mark Teixeira was a close second.

I decided to feature Mark's 2005 Donruss Craftsmen card, number C-17, since I had been meaning to do a little work on the blog. The card is numbered 929/2000 and features a cool looking background of what appears to be a blueprint. Unfortunately it is shiny and so doesn't scan well so those details can't be seen. Still, the set name of craftsmen goes with working on something.

In this case the something being worked on is this blog. Today I overhauled the links section. First I broke it down into four sections instead of just one. I also added and subtracted a few links. Here is a quick overview of each section:

Handy Card Links - A mix of Rangers related links and blogs or sites that have no particular team affiliation or where the team loyalty is in the background. No new links in this one.

A.L. Team links - Blogs that follow American League teams. Nothing new here either. These guys are a long time bunch and have simply been moved and labeled with their team names.

N.L. Team links - Several long time guys here but the Phillies and Giants are also now represented. Again, the blogs are labeled with their team loyalties.

Set Tours - All new links. I have been keeping up with these guys for awhile and greatly enjoy reading them. Even though I am not a set collector I do find walking through a set to be very interesting. The blog names are not listed, instead I opted to go with the name of the set the writers are chronicling.

Based on the lone feedback I received on the issue I have also added a followers list. If you have a chance, take a minute and check out some of the links. Let me know what you think of the new section layout.

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Matt Runyon said...

I like the redesign. Things are easier to find.