Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back in the hunt.

I don't have any signed or game-used cards of Nick Martinez, Chris Gimenez, or any of the other guys who contributed to the Rangers win last night. Guess you'll have to settle for this signed 1997 Donruss Rusty Greer card. Of course, settling and Rusty Greer don't really go in the same sentence.

Anyway, glad to see the Rangers win last night. The victory completed a three game sweep of the first place Astros and puts the Rangers a game over .500. They are also five games out of first and still in the Wild Card hunt. Playoff hopes are not strong but they are not yet dead in Arlington.

What a crazy season. It's been a real roller coaster this year. One minute the team is streaking up and is hotter than anything. The next they are ice cold and tumbling towards the bottom of the heap. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when the switch flips. Just about the time things are looking good, the club falters. Just about the time they are written off, they come back to life and can't lose. It's better than last year but the ups and downs almost make Dramamine a necessity.

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BobWalkthePlank said...

Considering all the injuries it is amazing they have done as well as they have. Also nice to see Andrus playing well for the first time in a couple of years. Still lots of time in the season so anything can happen. A sweep of the Astros is a nice start.