Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wantlist - 1993 Score.

First off, congratulations to Andre Dawson on his election the the Hall of Fame. I know there are a lot of happy people out there who have long thought he deserved the honor.

Still only six entries in the contest. Just a reminder that there is no penalty for a wrong answer so get your guess in.

Spent some time today trying to decide what to write about. As I sat there Mrs. Spiff mentioned that today is Wednesday and thus the day to post a wantlist. Problem solved!

Today I am putting up a list of the cards I need to complete the 1993 Score team set. Obviously, Monty Fariss on card number 432 is not on the list. There are several others though:

1993 Score
13 Jose Canseco
59 Nolan Ryan
74 Rafael Palmeiro
274 Jeff Frye
293 David Hulse

If you have any of these cards and are interested in parting with them just drop me an email. My tradelist is here and I can do team lot trades as well. Thanks!

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