Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thanks and No Thanks.

Well, judging by the comments on my last post, it looks like there are a lot of people who have thoughts on my recent lack of posts.

Some like Play at the Plate have been encouraging. Thanks for hanging in there man, I appreciate the support. Others like Jim from Downingtown have offered sound advice. I would do a series on the starting nine in 1972 Jim but I have already posted my 1972 Topps set. Need to find another 1972 set before I can undertake that.

Then there are some I don't know exactly how to take. Not defunct James, were you asking, prodding, or complaining?

Still others I know how to take and am not sure what I did to irritate them. Sorry Dave, not canceled. Not sure exactly "how long it really takes" George. Moving one's family 500 miles and starting a new job is a rather fluid situation. The job is going well but I'm not yet out of training so that is taking a lot of time. The family is still 500 miles away from me so I am doing the long-distance husband/father thing. That takes even more time.  How much time? I don't know and I have a feeling you don't either. Thanks for asking though.

Anyway. To all out there, supporters and others, I'm back. Sort of. Most of my cards are still boxed up. That's part of not having a permanent living arrangement yet. I still have my Topps book out though. My present plan is to work my way through some team sets while I wait to find out how long this relocating thing really takes.


Play at the Plate said...

I can't imagine living that far away from my family, never mind the new job, new city new everything. I know you'll be back better than ever now that you're living closer to the Rangers! Plus, someday we might get to meet at a game or something.

Jim from Downingtown said...

Odd that all 3 negative comments were left anonymously (that is, without a google or wordpress account behind it). Could all be the same troll.

--David said...

Those negative comments were just stupid. Post what you want, when you want or can. Blogging is NOT about what anyone else thinks (in my opinion), but rather what you want to say (and when) about your hobby, passions, successes or flops. Don't take anything those losers posted to heart. Keep on truckin!