Thursday, July 24, 2008

1979 Topps - Bevacqua IP auto

Here's another one of the autos I got in a lot off of Ebay a few years ago. The seller stated that the autos were all obtained in person or through the mail. Since most of them were of lesser known players I could see no reason for him to make it up or fake the signatures.

This is Kurt Bevacqua's 1979 Topps card, number 44 in the set. I have always liked the signature on here. For one, you can read it. What a concept! More than just a first letter and then a squiggly line. The extra flourishes are nice as well and give the card a nice look. I also appreciate that Kurt got the autograph fairly big but avoided his face.

Here are the answers to Monday's trivia:
1. True - Probably would have gotten this one.
2. Johnny Bench - Probably would have missed that one.
3. Carl Yastrzemski - Not a chance.
4. Steve Yeager - Ditto.
5. 4 - Easy one to build the old self-esteem after the first four.

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