Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In case of emergency, break glass.

Texas sent Scott Feldman down to AA just before the All-Star break. He had been handling a spot in the starting rotation while everyone and their dog was on the DL. In the emergency the Rangers called on Feldman.

On Sunday they called him and told him to head to Chicago. He would be starting on Monday against one of the more powerful offenses in the American League, the Chicago White Sox. Eric Hurley was supposed to come off the DL and make the start. His arm was still sore and he wasn't ready. An emergency had arisen. Feldman got the call.

Look at the stats on the back of Scott's 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights card number UH303. Shuttled back and forth from AAA to the Rangers in 2007. Five different stints with the team in 2006. Time split between AA and the bigs in 2005. Until this year Feldman was a reliever with no Major league starts. He has 15 starts in the bigs so far this season. It seems not to phase him.

Baseball has starting pitchers, relievers, and closers. Should there also be a utility pitcher classification?

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