Monday, July 14, 2008

1992 Bowman - Ivan Rodriguez

Monday, and here is Ivan! Yes, I know this is the All-Star break and Rodriguez didn't get in. I will get going on the All-Star theme tomorrow.

Great looking card today from Bowman's 1992 offering; number 1 in the set. I like this card, clean front without a lot of clutter or foil. Nice shot of Pudge with his gear on and looking like he is in the mood to get the better end of a home plate collision.

If we flip the card over we see that Bowman offers us a breakdown of the teams faced during the 1991 season and how Pudge did against each. I like that for a change of pace in stats. Looks like Ivan had a hard time with Baltimore's pitching, averaging .000 in six games and 15 at bats. On the other end of the spectrum he went to town on the Angels with a .375 average in 13 games and 40 at bats.

With the posting of this card we are down to one more card on page three in my first Pudge binder. I am still open to feedback on posting an entire page at a time rather than just one card. Let me know what you think.

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