Friday, July 11, 2008

Up and down.

Wes Littleton and Scott Feldman are being sent down to the minors. Littleton to AAA and Feldman to AA. Word is that Feldman will be back after the All-Star break and is only being sent down to get an extra start in over the break.

Kameron Loe, seen here on card number 838 of the 2006 Upper Deck set, and Joselo Diaz are coming up. They will be up for at least the series against the White Sox. There seems to be no word as to who will get sent back down when Feldman returns.

Kam Loe tried to make the starting rotation in Spring Training but didn't quite get it done. He got a brief call-up earlier this season but traveled back to AAA after only a few days. Not sure what the plan is with him this time. He can be pretty versatile. He has started and come out of the pen for Texas in past seasons.

Loe has his own section of fans at The Ballpark in Arlington. If you are ever there and look up in the third deck just to the third base side of home plate you will see a banner that reads "Kam's Snakepit." These folks share Loe's interest in pet snakes and show up at many Rangers games to cheer for him or lobby for his return as the case may be. Well, they'll get to see him this time since the Sox are in town and the rest of the staff has been ridden pretty hard. Here's to hoping him and the rest of the team good luck.

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