Friday, July 25, 2008

1991 Stadium Club - John Russell

Well, they're bringing back Stadium Club. Since it has been on several sites I won't dwell much on it. Just thought I should at least acknowledge the news with a Stadium Club card.

Here we see John Russell on the front of card number 474 in Stadium Club's 1991 debut. Looks like John just slid into home. The play couldn't have been that close since the catcher is not set to receive a throw. Since the catcher is with the Pirates and this was before inter-league play it is probably safe to assume that this photo is from Spring Training.

Flipping the card over we find a picture of John's rookie card, 1986 Topps. He was with the Phillies then. According to the comments section, John had trouble with outside curves when facing right-handers. His strengths at the plate were waist high inside and low-middle fastballs. Seeing as his average against fastballs in these locations was .384 I would say he liked the ball located there.

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