Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Davis dilemma.

Chris Davis appears to be validating the confidence he is displaying here on his 2006 Bowman Gold card, number DP29. As of last night, when he led the scoring charge with a solo shot, he has one half of the total home runs hit by Rangers first basemen this year. Not bad considering that he has only been on the roster since June 26th. He's only hitting .235 but he has 12 RBI in 15 games.

This throws the Rangers' management onto the horns of a dilemma. Davis was supposed to be a stopgap measure implemented only when Hank Blalock's return was delayed. The thought was that he would then turn over first to Hank and get on back down to AAA for some more seasoning. Now there are rumors swirling that he has won a permanent spot on the roster and that Frank Catalanotto may find himself out of a job and possibly on the trading block. All Ron Washington has said is that Chris Davis is "safe" and that any decisions will be made with his and the team's best interests in mind.

While I have liked what I have seen so far with Chris it seems to me that is might make sense to send him back to AAA for some more polishing. Cat can play first and outfield and is a veteran hitter. He would probably serve better in a high pressure pinch-hitting situation. Besides that, with the injuries Texas has suffered this year, Chris may get another call-up before the end of the season anyway.

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