Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1992 Topps Kids - Julio Franco

Today's card of the day comes to you by special request. My three-year-old son was watching as I flipped through one of my binders in search of a suitable card to post. When I turned to the 1992 Topps Kids team set he enthusiastically pointed to Julio Franco and shouted, "Use that one!"

I guess that the set accomplished the purpose that Topps had for it. The packs were cheap (even by 1992 standards), the set was small, and the graphics were obviously designed to catch young eyes. Topps stated at the time that the goal of the set was to re-involve younger collectors in the hobby.

As for Franco, he seems to be enjoying his well built upper body. Perhaps savoring his 1991 batting title? The back of the card helpfully informs us that in the off-season Julio loves to go fishing.

Franco is one of those players from the days when I knew all there was to know about the Rangers. Part of the lineup I had memorized and even today can still occasionally pull up. The teams I always prayed would win but always seemed to come up short late in the season. I like these kind of cards. Brings back memories and reminds me that collecting can be enjoyable without swatches of uniforms or pieces of bats in every card.

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