Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1972 Topps - Rangers Rookies

Since this is the start of the blog I thought it only proper to start with one of the first Rangers cards ever made. I do collect the ‘61 - ‘71 Senators as well, but 1972 was the first year of the team in Texas as the Rangers. This 1972 Topps #334 shows Rookies Bill Fahey, Jim Mason, and Tom Ragland. Gotta love the airbrushed caps and helmet. According to the card they were all three “Rookie Stars.”

Bill Fahey lasted 11 seasons; playing five of them for Texas. His career average was .241 and he had a fielding percentage of .989. Not too bad but I am thinking that he didn’t turn out to be the star that either Topps or Texas had in mind.

Jim Mason played 229 games for Texas in two different stints with the team. His career batting average in nine seasons was .203 for seven different teams. His overall fielding percentage was .958. Not exactly an impact player.

Tom Ragland lasted all of 25 games with Texas and was out of baseball after spending 1973 with Cleveland. His batting average for Texas was .172 and he fielded .985 in his career. Not much else to say there.

Overall the kind of the “rookie stars” one would expect on a team moving from Washington after spending most of their ten years there in the basement.

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