Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1989 Baseball Cards Magazine - Fence Busters

Today's card is a 1989 Baseball Cards Magazine card. Remember those? They came in the magazine in sheets and you were supposed to cut them out yourself. I got this one already cut in a trade a while back.

Brought back some memories when I saw this card. I remember when Eric Davis was the cat's meow, Franco was feared, and Ruben Sierra was the Rangers' future. I kept hoping through those years that Texas would be able to put something together but it just never happened.

I do like this card though. The design is simple and reminds me of a time when cards were mostly fun rather than dollar signs with a little enjoyment on the side. I also like looking at the odd-ball stuff when I come across it.

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Bay Rat North West said...

That is one nice card. Too bad they had to put some Rangers on it.
Those Baseball Card Magazine cards are always fun to find. I have a few uncut panels with Reds players on them. People always ask about them with enthusiasm even after seeing a 1/1 auto of a player.