Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1974 Topps - David Clyde

1974 Topps #133 - David Clyde.
On his rookie card Clyde looks just like the 18-year-old kid that he was when the Rangers brought him up in 1973. I grew up hearing about the team rushing him to the majors with no minor league experience. My Dad always said that he thought they did it more for the novelty rather than David's pitching prowess.

Looking at the stats that might have been the reason. David lasted a total of five years in the bigs, three with Texas and two with Cleveland. He started 73 games in that time period while making 84 appearances. In 1975 (his last year with Texas) he only took the mound once, losing in seven innings. Traded to Cleveland he wouldn't play in the majors again until 1978. 1978 and '79 with Cleveland and that was it. Got traded back to Texas in 1980 (didn't play), released the same year, signed by Houston in 1981 and dropped off the radar screen. He would have been 25 at the time. To the top and back in record time.

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