Monday, January 21, 2008

1984 Topps - Jon Matlack

1984 Topps Jon Matlack. Not much to look at but still one of the more favored cards in my collection for a couple of reasons.

This was the last card that Jon had issued during his MLB playing career. Sure he had several minor league and looking back cards issued later but this was the end of the line for active player cards. After a dismal season in 1983 the Rangers placed him on waivers and he went unclaimed.

This was also the first Jon Matlack card I ever managed to get my hands on. The beginning of a pretty large Matlack collection. I didn't actually start collecting until 1987 and so the card was already three years out of print. It wasn't until even later that I latched onto Jon. Somebody gave me his 1984 Topps card on a whim and I was hooked. Spent the next several years asking for his cards at any shop or show I went to. The Internet was not on my radar screen yet and buying cards online was something I couldn't yet foresee. I kind of miss the shows and shops but I have to say that I have managed to pick up a lot of Rangers and Matlack cards from online that I could never have found before.


deal said...

2 comments. 1) I still enjoy the shops and shows and make it a point to go a few times a year. I mean you really can't go thru a dime box on-line.

2) Matlack is originally from West Chester PA where there actually is a Matlack street. I don't think it is named for him but possibly an relative/ancestor of his. I vaquely remember him and thought he was a pretty decent pitcher behind the great pitchers the Mets had at the time.

Spiff said...

Thanks for the info on the West Chester street. Didn't know that. I still hit the shows when possible but there aren't too many where I'm at.