Saturday, January 26, 2008

1992 Upper Deck - Kevin Reimer

1992 Upper Deck #201 - Kevin Reimer. Say what you will about Upper Deck but they seem to come up with neat shots for several cards every year. Look at Kevin shaving away on that bat handle. Supposedly it increases your power. I always wondered if it wasn't just a clever marketing tool by Louisville Slugger to increase bat sales to replace the ones that splintered. It might have worked though. Kevin went from 2 home runs in 1990 to 20 in 1991.

I remember Reimer playing for Texas. Kept hoping that he would pan out but he never quite jelled. He played through 1992 with Texas and then the 1993 season with the Brewers. His highest batting average was .269 and his career was .258. Since his career fielding percentage was almost 40 points below the league average it is no wonder he couldn't hang on.

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