Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And the Rangers' Pitcher of the Year is...

No, it's not Kameron Loe. Can you imagine how bad things would have had to be for Kam to get the nod? I mean, he wasn't even with the team this year. So, if it wasn't Loe then why did I post card number 313 from the 2008 Topps set? Well I have a reason, weak though it may be.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America named Scott Feldman as their 2009 Rangers pitcher of the year today, this according to MLB.com. Scooter certainly deserved the honor after hurling his best pro season ever and coming withing a hair's breath of becoming a 20 game winner.

The hitch is that I am out of Topps cards of Scott Feldman. So what to do? Well, according to baseball-reference.com, Kam Loe is in the top ten of similar pitchers through age 26. So there's the Feldman connection and a way out of my Scooter-less jam. Hopefully Feldman garners more success with Texas after age 26 than Loe did.

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Play at the Plate said...

I first saw the pic and did a double take. Feldman deserved the award and I hope he does even better next year.