Thursday, November 12, 2009

Auto at the plate.

Not a lot going on with the Rangers today. As I checked other blogs I came across Dinged Corners challenge to post your favorite three autographs. I decided to take up the challenge in part. Guess I am just not motivated enough to do the whole thing.

I haven't yet decided if this 1986 Topps card of Glenn Brummer is one of my favorite three but it is definitely in the top ten. I got this card back from Glenn on October 19 of this year and in my opinion he did an excellent job of endorsing it. The blue sharpie is almost always the best choice for a Rangers card.

Beyond the signature there are other great aspects to this card. The dust cloud that Glenn and the umpire fade into, the close play at the plate, the ball in Glenn's glove. All great points. Perhaps the best though is the ump's right hand ringing up the incoming Yankee runner.