Monday, December 28, 2009

1986 ProCards - Ruben Sierra.

Today we come to the reason for the 1986 ProCards team set. Well, the reason that it is my collection. Ruben Sierra's card. My Dad bought me this set around 1988 because Sierra was about as hot as it could get and he thought it would be a good "investment." Not that my Dad was a money-grubber but he figured that I should get a couple of minor league sets with Ruben in them before they got so hot and so high priced that I couldn't get them.

Well, things didn't exactly work out that way. Ruben's cards were hot for awhile but they are extremely affordable now. Like common-card affordable. Kind of ironic considering that the player pictured on Ruben's card was a common player. Took me several years to realize that this isn't Ruben Sierra. It's Orlando Mercado. Perhaps Ruben was suffering from a surly episode and didn't show up for the picture session. At least the photographer could have kept the nameplate on the jersey from showing. Of course the smile would have given it away anyway, I'm not sure that Sierra had one.

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