Friday, December 18, 2009

Local trading.

Rushing to get this post in before the date changes. Had some folks over tonight and so I haven't had much time to write up a post.

Not much going on out there to motivate a Rangers blogger. The possible Mike Lowell trade is still up in the air and Milton Bradley is off to Seattle. Wondering if Milton will offset the Mariners acquisition of Cliff Lee.

One of the guys who came over tonight is a fellow card collector. Instead of Rangers though he chases Royals cards. Makes for a perfect match. We don't really trade, I just give him any Royals I get and he passes on any Rangers he comes across. Tonight he handed me a big stack of assorted Rangers cards. Haven't had a chance to check my wantlists yet but I did thumb through the cards.

One gem that jumped out at me was this Pete Incavligia card. It is a "Broder" type card and is labeled on the back as being number three in the "Collector's Choices of the 1980's" set. The corners of the card are rounded and appear to have been originally cut that way. The card is well centered in person, the scan just makes the corner rounding look uneven. The set looks to have been put out by a place called "The Press Box." I have no idea where that is located or what type of business it is/was but I like this card. Of course I like most all of these kind of 1980's unlicensed cards.

Thanks for the trade (delivery) Mark. I was needing some cards to sort over the weekend and this stack saved the day. Always good to visit with a fellow collector face to face.

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