Monday, October 11, 2010

Did I miss anything?

Brian Downing looks a little lost on card number 483 of the 1992 Upper Deck set. A bit like he missed something and is trying to figure out what happened.

I know what you feel like Brian. I left the 21st century on Friday for a Civil War reenactment. When I left the Rangers were up two games to none over the Rays and headed home. Seemed like a reasonable assumption that the ALDS would end over the weekend. I looked forward to returning to news that Texas had advanced to the ALCS.

When I got back Sunday evening the ALDS series was evened up at two games apiece and the teams were on their way back to Tampa Bay for the fifth and final game tomorrow. What!?!

I'm still trying to sort out what happened but I know it wasn't good. Hopefully the Rangers can catch lightening in a bottle tomorrow and rough up David Price to win the series. Going to be uphill but the guys had their chances and now it's do or die.

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