Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. I realized I hadn't posted when I was shutting the computer down for the day. By then it was too late to come up with anything and I didn't want to wait to hit the sack.

Speaking of waiting, I present you with today's card. This 1975 Topps Bill Fahey card came back to me on the fourth of this month. Mr Fahey had graciously signed it and another card I had sent him.

What makes this return notable is that had sent out the cards to Mr. Fahey on the 13th of January. January, 2009 that is. Since sending out the card my youngest child was born and is now walking and starting to talk. Not sure if the 2+ year turn around is the longest in my TTM career but it has to be close. In spite of that I do appreciate the autograph.

So, what's the longest you have ever had to wait to get an autograph back through the mail?


Justin McLeod said...

Eddie Guardado, 2 1/2 years (minimum)

Johngy said...

I recently got back a couple Luis Tiant cards that had been out for at least 7 years.

night owl said...

I have three TTM tries still floating out there. If I ever get any of them back, it will be the longest I've ever waited.

Spiff said...

Guess my two year wait really wasn't all that long compared to some of yours.

Can't believe you only have three TTM attempts still open Night Owl. I am not even sure how many I have still out but I know it's a lot.