Thursday, January 19, 2012

The day after Darvish.

Not much going on today in Ranger-land. Apparently everyone is catching their breath after the Yu Darvish signing.

It's still free agent time though and aside from Fausto Carmona being arrested for identity fraud the big news is still the off-season signings. This time of year always depresses me a little. I know that professional baseball is a business but it seems to really air its ugly side when millions of dollars are on the line. Speaking of money, since I have no other ideas for a card today I'll leave you with this game-used one of Mark "Money Man" Teixeira. Tex's expensive jersey swatch shows up today on a 2004 Sweet Spot Home Run Heroes card, numbered 108/199.

I'm ready for Spring Training.


Play at the Plate said...

Hey you think they are serious about Prince?

Spiff said...

Serious about not being interested? I think they probably are. At this time. The price will need to come down a bit before JD bites. I am sure he is monitoring the situation to keep all his options open. If there were serious talks Scott Boras would be barfing all over the media about it.