Saturday, January 7, 2012

Senators Saturday - Mickey Vernon, 1962.

Mickey Vernon, shown here on card number 152 of the 1962 Topps set, had a rough year as manager of the Senators in 1961. 1962 wouldn't be any better. In fact, it would be worse.

After the team posted 100 losses to start their existence in 1961 they dropped an additional game in 1962. The 60-101 record assured Washington of a last place finish in the American League. Wags were already parroting the old lines about Washington, "First in war. First in peace. Last in the American League."

While improvements were being made, Vernon was still dealing with an expansion franchise. That meant a still-developing farm system, no money, and little team cohesion with the revolving door the team had the first year.

With those obstacles it's little wonder that the Senators stumbled again in 1962. Still, a manager can't blame circumstances. Mickey Vernon needed to figure out how to make this team start working if he wanted to keep working as their manager in 1963.

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