Friday, April 19, 2013

Odd Moments: Conflicts.

Loss to the Cubs last night. To the Cubs. Sigh. Guess that's what happens when all semblance of control deserts your starting pitcher. Time to get back to the Top Fifty Odd Moments in Rangers History list. Got several installments today.

Number 28. WWF pitch selection - May 24, 2005 in Kansas City. Rod Barajas, shown here on card 329 of the 2005 MLB Showdown set, was the starting catcher. Ryan Drese took the hill for Texas. The result was a 4-3 Rangers win but not before a tense moment in the dugout. Chanelling Ray Chalk and Lefty Williams, Barajas and Drese mixed it up in the dugout over pitch selection. At one point the pair was rolling on the floor and had to be separated by teammates and manager Buck Showalter. Buck declined to comment on the incident after the game. Barajas shook Drese's hand when the latter gave way to a reliever.

Number 29. Preparing for the worst - For a short period after the Rangers left Arlington Stadium for the final time it was empty and vacant. Scheduled to be torn down, the park was the source of alarm when gunfire was heard from inside. Apparently an employee gave the FBI permission to use the stadium as a training ground for anti-terrorist drills. Good idea. Even better would have been to tell someone about the pending training.

Number 30. Bopping practice - Not wanting to mix it up only with teammates Rangers catcher Gerald Laird got into a fight with Angels infielder Adam Kennedy during batting practice in 2005. Tom Hicks and Arte Moreno were chatting nearby and were not thrilled with the altercation.

Number 31. Zip it - Not everyone liked Howard Cosell. A Rangers batboy made several disparaging remarks about the announcer during a broadcast. Unfortunately the on-field microphones picked it up. The next time the Rangers were on national television the batboy appeared with a piece of tape over his mouth.

Ok, quick update on the card giveaway. The Red Sox are spoken for and a package is being assembled. Nothing else has been claimed. Help me out and put in your order. Promise no doubles in the lot. I would rather ship than toss these cards.

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