Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sizing up the swoon.

Not much to report today so I'm going to go with this 2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars Statistical Standouts game-used card of Ivan Rodriguez. Been awhile since I posted a game-used card. This has to be one of the odder game-used cards in my collection, a piece of an on-deck circle. Not exactly sure how that relates to a single player but there it is.

The Rangers June swoon continued with another loss last night to the Indians at home. The A's are now a full game ahead and showing no sign of slowing down. Is it time to hit the panic button? Time or not there are some who are hitting it. I'm not inclined to just yet.

Several reasons why I am not in despair mode. First is that it is still early in the season. We aren't even to the All-Star break. It is conceivable the Rangers will be back in first and might even have a game or two lead by the break. They will need to take advantage of the A's being here for four games and the last series before the break against the Astros.

Second reason is the return of some injured players. The last time Texas had their full roster available was in Spring Training. Ian Kinsler should be back by the end of this week and Mitch Moreland is healing up nicely. Matt Harrison started a throwing program. He is still looking at September but at least he's making progress. Now to get Colby Lewis back on track. If some of these guys can come off the disabled list and make an impact the team could start streaking.

Third is that you can't figure the offense will be down forever. Lance Berkman could be done (it's doubtful, but it could be). A.J. Pierzynski, Adrian Beltre, David Muprhy, and Nelson Cruz aren't and should be able to locate their bats again soon.

Fourth reason is that while the offense has been struggling of late, the pitching seems to still be on track. Subtract Michael Kirkman's performances and a couple of recent rough starts and the staff is still dominant. That will keep the team in games late and give the scuffling offense chances to break out.

So it's not time to panic. Yet. That time is on the horizon though and could be closer than it appears if some things don't change soon.
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Play at the Plate said...

Another stinkin' loss tonight. Sick man, I'm just getting a sick feeling.

Spiff said...

Yeah, it's not looking real good right now. The A's are on fire and show no signs of slowing. This loss pushes me closer to the red panic button.