Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Took me out to the ballpark...

Sorry about no posts the past couple of days. I really don't have an excuse for Monday. Yesterday however, I was pretty busy. Mrs. Spiff and the kiddos will be gone this coming weekend visiting family. Due to that she suggested an early Father's Day observance.

That suggestion led to a game at the Ballpark in Arlington yesterday. That's the reason for my running out of time to post yesterday and for you getting a scan of the program from the game today.

Had a pretty good time. Got in early because we expected a large crowd, we were right. Official attendance was 45,200. Because we were early we got a pretty got parking spot. Unloaded kids and supplies and made the short trek to the park. Still love walking up on it.

Long lines but orderly and once the gates opened we moved right along. Got through the First Base Gate and counted noses. All present. Everybody had their Yu Darvish bobble head giveaway (thus the crowd). Seats were on the third base side. Nice walk around the concourse and then up two escalators. Up a large collection of steps to the seats. One row from the top of the stadium. I don't think I've ever sat that high but it was pretty nice. Shade from the roof and a nice breeze. We hardly broke a sweat in spite of the temps being in the upper 90's. The family even got an appearance on the video board just before the game started. All were impressed except Bug who wasn't real sure what to think.

Got everyone settled in and ready for baseball. Unfortunately Derk Holland couldn't solve the Indians and the offense couldn't solve Tribe starter Cory Kluber. A.J. Pierzynski did hit a solo shot in the 9th inning and David Murphy drove in Jurickson Profar with a double in the 8th but it was too little too late. Final: Cleveland - 5, Texas - 2.

Oakland won later to catch up again.

In spite of the loss it was an enjoyable day. As they say, a bad day at the ball park is better than a good day a lot of other places. Hadn't been to a game in too long so it was very nice to get out and hear the crowd and the crack of the bat.

Only one small question about the whole experience. No God Bless America in the seventh inning, or any other time for that matter. I could swear I heard it earlier this season during a radio broadcast. Anybody know what's up? Are the Rangers the only team that doesn't do this at every game any more?


Play at the Plate said...

I have only been to one game this year and I'm pretty sure they sang God Bless America then. I can't imagine why they would have stopped doing it. Sorry you saw a loss, but you got your bobblehead. I looked on Ebay during the game and they were already 24 listed.

Spiff said...

Yeah, bobble heads are always popular but Darvish's popularity is on a whole new level altogether. Thanks for the info on God Bless America. I was wondering if I missed something.

Drew said...

GBA is mostly sung on weekend games. I don't recall hearing it on weekdays this season.

And very few teams still sing it, at least at every game. I went to a game last year in Cleveland (a midweek day game) and one in St. Louis (midweek night game) and don't remember hearing it there.