Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Royal delivery.

Got a text message from a friend of mine the other day. Always good to hear from Mark O and get his thoughts on the current baseball happenings. Mark's a rare find in the baseball world - a true blue dyed in the wool Kansas City Royals fan. He's why I have very few Royals cards to trade.

Mark wanted to let me know he sent me a few cards from my Rangers wantlist. That was a pleasant surprise. I have a couple of cards put back for Mark but haven't sent him anything in awhile.

I got the box yesterday and found Mark deceived me. I consider the 60 or so cards in the box to be more than a few. All but three or four filled holes in my Rangers wantlist. Took over an hour to update the wantlist and file the cards away.

One of the cards included in the lot was card number 183 of the 1992 Donruss Triple Play set. Rafael Palmeiro was the last card I needed to complete the set. Mark also finished off two other team sets for me.

Thanks a ton for the great package Mark, it really made my day. A word to the wise, if Mark O the Royals fan ever contacts you about a possible trade you would be best served to take him up on the offer.

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