Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ups and downs.

Got a random auto for you today with this 1996 Leaf Authentic Signature card of former Rangers pitcher Kevin Gross.

Well, it's been a week of contrasts. Last weekend the family and I went up to Branson, Missouri to celebrate my sister's graduation from The College of The Ozarks with her degree in nursing. She starts her first job as a registered nurse on June 1st. That was great. The whole family got together for the first time in years. We always enjoy it but there are quite a few of us so it doesn't happen often. Kind of a watershed as well. My sister is the youngest of my siblings and the last to graduate. Probably no more college graduations until Spiff Jr gets there.

While I was off in Missouri having a good time, the wheels were coming off for the Rangers. They are now at a game under .500, in fourth place, and well behind the front-running A's. There's not a lot of light at the end of the tunnel either. The injury bug is chewing this team up.

Pitcher Pedro Figueroa underwent Tommy John surgery on April 30th so he's gone for the season. Kevin Kouzmanoff is recovering from back surgery earlier this month. Donnie Murphy hit the Disabled List with a neck strain on the 8th. Yesterday came the most crushing blows. Martin Perez has a partially torn UCL in his left elbow. He may be looking at Tommy John surgery. Even if he isn't, he won't be back anytime soon. Matt Harrison left Tuesday's game with back pain and the outlook isn't good. It seems highly likely that he will need back surgery again. This time a spinal fusion that could end his career all together.

Needless to say, the injuries put a real damper on the season. The rest of the schedule could be a real long road. With the entire rotation except Yu Darvish being sidelined, the outlook is pretty grim. As Eric Nadel said during last night's game, the Ranger ship is listing 20 degrees to port and taking on water.

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