Saturday, February 23, 2008

1981 Donruss - Mickey Rivers

Mick the Quick makes an appearance on today's card. #496 in Donruss' first set Rivers appears to be strolling back to first. Probably after a foul ball.

The initial offering from Donruss isn't a bad set, it just isn't a real standout either. This card is off-center and the stock is light. Some of the photographs were blurry in the rest of the set and I question the border color choice. Having said all of that I still like this card. Not a usual pose to catch a player in. I like the lack of too much spangle and chrome on the card. The back only gives 1980 and career stats (one of my pet peeves) but does list about six career highlights.

My favorite stat for Rivers has to be the 70 stolen bases in 1975 when he played for the Angels. Stealing is an art and seems to be becoming an overlooked one. The most he would ever steal for Texas was 18 in 1980. That helped him steal player of the year honors as well.

Mickey is considered one of the better outfielders for Texas in the 80's. He made the 2007 Rangers Hall of Fame ballot but was not selected.

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