Saturday, February 16, 2008

1991 Donruss - Charlie Hough

#146 in the 1991 Donruss set shows Charlie about to deliver his signature knuckleball. After being purchased by Texas from the Dodgers in 1980 Charlie spent the next decade being a mainstay in the Ranger's starting rotation. One of the last knuckleball pitchers Hough was well known in Texas. He was a pretty durable pitcher leading the league in games started in 1984 and 1987 and innings pitched in 1987.

I remember watching Charlie pitch and having my Grandfather point out that the catcher was using an extra big glove to make sure he trapped the ball. You don't catch a knuckleball, you trap it. When the Rangers signed Nolan Ryan the local papers ran a side-by-side comparison of the two big wheels in the rotation. Nolan remarked that he knew he was hurt it he was in pain when he pitched. Hough replied that he never threw without pain. Judging from his expression when he threw I am guessing he was telling the truth. I was stunned when Charlie was granted free agency and left the team after the 1990 season. He had been there the entire time I could remember following the team and I couldn't believe he was leaving.

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Bay Rat North West said...

Man it seemed like Hough pitched forever. he was always around and I wondered why he did not get more media respect.