Monday, February 4, 2008

1993 Rangers Keebler - Jon Matlack

Number 248 in the set is Matlack. I like this card because I collect Matlack and so I get Jon in a Rangers uniform. Two for one so to speak.

I also like the card because of the set. I only have series #5 (of 8) in the set but have always liked the idea and would love to get the other seven. The set was given away at home games during the 1993 season and included every player, manager, and coach up to that point to ever appear in a Rangers uniform. Very cool concept in my book. It would be great if the Rangers could update the set every few years. The only downside to the whole idea is that the sets are so hard to come by.

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Joey said...

Its always nice to see a card from an issue I don't have. I guess I need to fire up the ole web browser and see if I can find me one.