Thursday, February 7, 2008

2003 SPx Young Stars - Hank Blalock

This card combines all three of the things that I sometimes like, sometimes hate about modern card collecting. First, it is game used. I consider game used cards to be a neat concept but way over-used by the card companies. Second, the pack-certified autograph. Again, a good concept (especially for players who are bad about signing through the mail) but somewhat overdone. Not as badly as the game used craze though. The third thing is the serial numbering. I actually like this idea more than the first two. Kind of gives a little extra thrill to the hobby without seeming to make it too high-end. Well, it does that so long as things aren't numbered to anything below 25 or so.

I don't really loathe any of the concepts discussed above. I think they are over-used today but are ok in moderation. My collection has never and will never consist solely or primarily of game used, autographs, or serial numbered cards. Having said that I have a few. The ones I have are either of my team or players or are up for trade. Like sugar, a little can be nice, too much can be sickening.

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Bay Rat North West said...

The concepts of g/u and autos may be overused to some but make collecting teams and especially players more challenging and thus more rewarding. SP puts out some of the best looking, in my unhumble opinion, cards with autos and g/u materials. That is a sweet Blalock card