Friday, February 15, 2008

1993 Upper Deck - Juan Gonzalez

Juan makes his first appearance in an apt setting as a fan favorite on card #755. When this picture was taken Gonzalez had just posted his first 40+ home run season in 1992. He captured the A.L. home run title that year with 43 and would repeat in 1993 with 46 zingers. All told he would have five 40+ years with Texas and help them to their only three post-season appearances as a team. One of the big guns in a pretty powerful lineup. When Juan went to the plate for Texas the loudspeakers played the "Imperial March" from Star Wars. He was bigger than life and Rangers fans loved him.

Got to like this card. Juan signing autographs at Spring Training apparently. The ballpark looks minor league. I had to laugh when I realized that the shorter kid on the left is wearing a Cincinnati Reds cap. Looks like he had the wrong league and team.


Joey said...

Man those were the days. I loved being at the ballpark and Juan coming to the plate with that menacing music and runners in scoring position.

Its a shame it all had to end so badly for Juan. Oh wait, I heard he is trying to make a comeback with the Royals I think. I wouldn't look for him anytime soon at Kaufmann.

Spiff said...

Yeah, I am sad to say but I don't have much faith that we will again see "Juan Gone" back on a MLB diamond.