Monday, February 18, 2008

1989 Star Gastonia Rangers - Ivan Rodriguez

Getting into the Ivan on Monday groove. I think that I will just go through my Pudge binders in order. This for lack of a more creative way to do it.

Number 20 in the 1989 Star Gastonia Rangers team set is today's card. This is the second minor league card of Ivan's that I have. Pudge didn't spend much time in the minors and so his minor league cards are sometimes hard to find. I think I have most of them but am still chasing a few.

I like the picture on this card. Something about examining the bat for cracks makes for a nice shot in my opinion. The border color matching the blue of Rodriguez's uniform helps some as well. We don't glean much more information from the back of this card than we got from the 1989 ProCards card posted last week. It confirms that 1989 would be Pudge's first professional season and that he was signed as a free agent in 1988. Amazing to realize that there was really that little to report on his career at the time.

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Joey said...

Man he looks like a baby here.