Monday, February 11, 2008

1989 ProCards - Ivan Rodriguez

Today's card of the day is #1006 in the 1989 ProCards set. This is Ivan Rodriguez's first card. It leads off my Pudge collection.

There are a couple of things that strike me about this card. One is how young Ivan looks. Not really surprising since he was only about 17 years old when this picture was taken. One the back of the card we find out that Ivan was signed as a free agent on July 27, 1988. We also see that he is 5-10 and weighed in at 188. What we don't see is how good he was/is. There are no stats at all on the back of this card, just a notation, "First year in professional baseball."

I like minor league cards in general and ones of players I follow in particular. Looking at one you get a glimpse of a world of promise at the beginning of a career. Being there at the start would be really neat. These kind of cards give one the opportunity to do just that.


Joey said...

He was number 10 back then? Nice card. The man before he was a man.

Spiff said...

Yeah, I don't think he nailed down number 7 until he made the bigs. Still gets me how young he looks.

rara said...

I have an ivan rodriguez charlotte rangers baseball card...autographed by a young rookie trying to break the bigs..the card is a from the star co. no autograph it's worth about $30.00 how do i find out what it's worth with the me if you can help

Anonymous said...

Wow, he does look super young there!